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"Hunting in New Zealand is a way of life, tied to the land and the people that live from it"

Although New Zealand has a relatively short history compared to some countries, its past has shaped its outdoorsman into resourceful and tough hunters who can foot it with the best in the world


Our rugged mountainous terrain and sometimes harsh weather punishes the unprepared, making hiring an experienced guide a good choice when time is short and success is priority.

Having only been colonised since the early 1800’s and its only native mammal being a small bat, New Zealand has made up some serious ground in hunting circles, now boasting some of the best Red Stag genetics of all time.

After some generous gifts from Dukes, Dames and other royalty as far away as the Himalaya’s and Scotland, New Zealand’s wild animal herds are now well established. Red, Fallow, Rusa, Sambar, Whitetail, Sika deer and Elk along with Himalayan Tahr, Chamois, goats, pigs and even wallabies can be found spread throughout various regions of the two main Islands that make up this wonderful country.


Hunting of all these species is permitted all year round and accessing them is made easy by contracting Southern Sky Outfitters to help on that adventure of a lifetime.

Southern Sky Outfitters prides itself on providing its clients with a totally free range, fair chase hunt on animals that are not farmed behind fences. These animals have been born and breed in the wild and know nothing different, providing clients with world class free range hunting in breath taking locations.

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